Saturday, May 24, 2008

This Memorial Day Remember Those Who Fought for the Faith

Memorial Day is set aside for us to remember those who have fought for our country and for our freedom. Hopefully it will be more for us than just a day off from work and picnics and we will indeed think of those who have sacrificed to serve our country.

On Wednesday evenings my pastor is going through a crash course in church history. This past week he gave a brief biography of William Tyndale and John Huss and the impact they had leading up to the reformation. I was reminded that, like Tyndale and Huss, there have been many who fought for the faith and for the Word of God who paid just as great a price as those who have fought and given their lives for their countries.

This Memorial Day let us also think of those who have paid the price to stand for the Truth and for the Word. Let us take the opportunity to Remember Those who are suffering for their faith this very day. Let us consider their example and determine ourselves to stand for the truth and boldly proclaim the good news of the gospel.

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Jason Keeling said...

Connection Through Honor

The happenings within the world and our daily lives often distract us from slowing down to honor our families, communities, veterans, and the Lord. Yet, these things make up the essence of who we are, and when we fail to recognize and respect them in proper fashion, we suffer, because to a certain extent, we become disconnected from our past, present and future. However, when we take the time to do so, we are enriched by finding a greater connection with each of them, and our understanding grows.