Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pastors Politicking from the Pulpit

From an article in the Wall Street Journal:

"A conservative legal-advocacy group is enlisting ministers to use their pulpits to preach about election candidates this September, defying a tax law that bars churches from engaging in politics.

Alliance Defense Fund, a Scottsdale, Ariz., nonprofit, is hoping at least one sermon will prompt the Internal Revenue Service to investigate, sparking a court battle that could get the tax provision declared unconstitutional. Alliance lawyers represent churches in disputes with the IRS over alleged partisan activity.

"The action marks the latest attempt by a conservative organization to help clergy harness their congregations to sway elections. The protest is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 28, a little more than a month before the general election, in a year when religious concerns and preachers have been a regular part of the political debate."

My concern is how easy it is for the church to become associated with a political issue, party, or a candidate rather than with the message of the gospel.

Would you (or should you) as a pastor be one of the test cases for politicking in the pulpit?

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