Monday, May 31, 2010

Man's Law Changes; God's Law is Fixed and Settled

"The words of temporal kings are on earth, and therefore their laws and edicts are subject to many changes, and are often revoked and altered, either by themselves or by their successors; but the Word of God is above all changes and alterations, as being decreed in heaven. It is preached on earth, believed on earth, fulfilled on earth; but decreed in heaven, fixed and settled there by God's unalterable purpose and will." - Thomas Manton

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Interim Bible Study: "The Authority of God's Word"

From this month's interim Bible study from Psalm 119, "The Authority of God's Word":

"The writer of this Psalm loved, esteemed, and treasured God’s Word because He loved, esteemed, treasured God. Because He had a high and exalted view of God, he had a high and exalted view of His Word. If we neglect or denigrate the Scriptures, we must consider carefully our view of and attitude towards God Himself."

Our conclusion taken from Martin Lloyd-Jones:

"We all therefore have to face this ultimate and final question: Do we accept the Bible as the Word of God, as the sole authority in all matters of faith and practice, or do we not? Is the whole of my thinking governed by Scripture, or do I come with my reason and pick and choose out of Scripture and sit in judgment upon it, putting myself and modern knowledge forward as the ultimate standard and authority? The issue is crystal clear. Do I accept Scripture as a revelation from God, or do I trust to speculation, human knowledge, human learning, human understanding and human reason."

You can read the complete study here.

Interm Committee Meetings & Bible Study

Every month our legislators gather in Charleston for three days of interim committee meetings. Each lawmaker is assigned to one or more committees in order to work on various issues throughout the year.

In these meetings they deal with a variety of topics, many of which will be taken up during next year’s regular session.This month's interim meetings will be held on May 24-26. During the interim meetings, Capitol Commission provides a Bible study for our legislators and elected officials at the capitol. Our study for this month entitled "The Authority of God's Word" from selected verses in Psalm 119 will be held on Tuesday, May 25.

Please pray for our legislators as they gather for these meetings:

Pray for safety as they travel.

Pray for them as they take this time away from their families and jobs.

Pray for them as they deal with many issues important to our state.

Pray that our Bible study and other aspects of our ministry will be a challenge and encouragement to our leaders.

You can learn more about the legislative interim committee assignments and meetings at the West Virginia Legislature web site.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pray for the Family of Senator Donald Caruth

Please pray for the family of West Virginia Senate Minority Leader Donald Caruth of Mercer County who passed away Saturday as the result of brain cancer. Pray for all those who served with him at the Capitol as well.

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J.C. Ryle on Government and Religion

"No Government can expect to prosper which refuses to recognize religion, which deals with its subjects as if they had no souls, and cares not whether they serve God, or Baal, or no God at all. Such a Government will find, sooner or later, that its line of policy is suicidal, and damaging to its best interests. No doubt the kings of this world cannot make men Christians by laws and statutes. But they can encourage and support Christianity, and they will do so if they are wise. The kingdom where there is the most industry, temperance, truthfulness, and honesty, will always be the most prosperous of kingdoms. The king who wants to see these things abound among his subjects, should do all that lies in his power to help Christianity and to discourage irreligion."

Taken from J.C. Ryle's message on John 18:1-11.