Thursday, December 4, 2014

Alas, What a Bauble is Human Greatness

A good reminder from Pastor Mark Dever for those who work in and around politics. Taken from his message on Revelation 4-5 (Beginning at 17:30).

"The Bible tells us that this God is holy. He is completely good, and right, and pure. Now why would God give John such a vision of Himself and His glory? Because John needed to know that neither the Roman Emperor, nor His armies, were truly ultimate. And so Jesus Christ the eternal Son of God gives this revelation to John and John is shown that this One is more glorious than any regional governor who could sentence him to Patmos or even execute fellow Christians, and more glorious than any ruler, even the Roman emperor himself. Brothers and sisters we live in a town (Washington D.C.) which works on being respecters of persons, fearers of men, cultivators of the good opinions of others. It is good for people like us to be reminded that however glorious the office of chancellor of the public school system, or Mayor of D.C., or legislative director, or chief of staff, or senior partner, or owner, or senator, or governor, or President of the United States, it is nothing compared to the glory of this God. It is nothing! We fall into dreams where we imagine other creatures are so glorious. 

Full-length portrait in oils of a clean-shaven young man in eighteenth century dress: gold jacket and breeches, ermine cloak, powdered wig, white stockings, and buckled shoes.
As John Wesley was reflecting on being at a state address of a monarch opening parliament and he recalled, ‘I was in the robe chamber adjoining to the House of Lords when the king put on his robes. His brow was much furrowed with age and quite clouded with care. Is this all the world can give, even to a king? All the grandeur it can afford? A blanket of ermine around his shoulders so heavy and cumbersome he can scarcely move under it? A huge heap of borrowed hair, with a few plates of gold and glittering stones upon his head? Alas what a bauble is human greatness. And even this will not endure.'"

Pastor Mark Dever. Capitol Hill Baptist Church. The Lion is Revealed - Revelation 4-5. March 29, 2009.