Friday, December 10, 2010

Interim Bible Study: "The Gift that Inspires All Gifts"

From our interim Bible study at the West Virginia State Capitol:

"Paul spends a great deal of time in his writings trying to describe what he says here is indescribable. God’s glory and holiness are indescribable. Our desperate need for a Savior because of our sin is indescribable. Not only the physical suffering upon the cross was amazing, but the punishment Christ took upon Himself in our place is indescribable. The love which drove Jesus to do this for those who were His enemies is indescribable. When we truly understand this, we are overwhelmed with thanksgiving for what He has done."

You can read the complete study HERE.

Interim Committee Meetings & Bible Studies

Every month our legislators gather in Charleston for three days of interim committee meetings. Each lawmaker is assigned to one or more committees in order to work on various issues throughout the year.

In these meetings they deal with a variety of topics, many of which will be taken up during next year’s regular session.This month's interim meetings will be held on November 15-17.

During the interim meetings, Capitol Commission provides Bible studies for our legislators and elected officials at the capitol. Our studies for this month entitled "The Gift that Inspires All Gifts" from 2 Corinthians 8:9 & 9:15 will be held on Tuesday, December 14.

Please pray for our legislators as they gather for these meetings:

Pray for safety as they travel.

Pray for them as they take this time away from their families and jobs.

Pray for them as they deal with many issues important to our state.

Pray that our Bible study and other aspects of our ministry will be a challenge and encouragement to our leaders.

You can learn more about the legislative interim committee assignments and meetings at the West Virginia Legislature web site.

You can download the complete study HERE.