Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Priority of Sharing the Gospel

A comment at another blog caught my eye:

"…When I think about how hard I campaigned for (name of candidate) during the primary season, I feel a tinge of guilt…perhaps I should be standing on street corners doing sign waves pointing folks to Christ. Hmm..."

"Hmm…" is right.

Not that sign waves would be the most effective method of sharing the gospel, but this person is on to something. The church's and the believer's primary responsibility is to share the gospel with every creature and make disciples of all the nations.

In the midst of a heated political season we must keep in mind that the only answer to the issues facing our state and our nation is the heart changing and life changing power of the gospel. Political activism apart from the gospel is simply moralism. Let us always keep before us the priority of "pointing folks to Christ" through the message of the gospel.

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