Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Trickle Down" or "Trickle Up" Morality

Todd Friel on Monday’s Wretched Radio program had a thought provoking point regarding “trickle down” or “trickle up” morality and how the church is to impact politics and society:

"The church has seemingly been so preoccupied with trying “trickle down” theology and morality. By getting people to behave through the government we’ve neglected being a powerful church that preaches the gospel. So we end up having a church that is impotent; pews packed with people who aren’t saved; and now the government simply reflects it. The way God says we should go about doing business is to preach the gospel, get people saved, and a result is that the religion of the people is going to “trickle up”. But we have forsaken the preaching of the gospel; clear theology and teaching; practicing church discipline…We now have a people such that you could have every politician in office be a born again believer, but you can’t manage a people under our system who aren’t saved."

Wretched Radio (formerly Way of the Master Radio) is now a subscription based service.

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