Thursday, January 8, 2009

Interim Bible Study: "Why Study God's Word in the Capitol"

Our interim Bible study for January will be held on Monday, January 12 at 8:00 a.m. at the capitol. Our lesson, "Why Study God's Word in the Capitol", will be based on Psalm 19 and focus on the tremendous value and benefit of studying God's Word. We pray our consideration of this passage might challenge our leaders to make it priority to take time out of their busy schedules to join us in studying the scriptures in the coming year.

From the study:

"David was a political leader who knew well the challenges and difficulties of life, both as a man and as a king. As we read his story (1 & 2 Samuel) we would have to agree that few of us have faced the ordeals and adversity he faced. And though at times he struggled, failed, and even fell into great sin, David turned to God through the Word and prayer. This political leader made reading, knowing, and understanding God’s Word a great priority in his life. Let us follow his example as he describes for us the character and benefits of the Bible."

Our leaders gather every month in Charleston for three days of interim committee meetings. Each lawmaker is assigned to one or more committees in order to work on various issues throughout the year. In these meetings they deal with a variety of topics, many of which will be taken up during next year’s regular session.

Please pray for our legislators as they gather for these meetings:

  • Pray for safety as they travel.

  • Pray for them as they take this time away from their families.

  • Pray for them as they deal with many issues important to our state.

  • Pray that our Bible study and other aspects of our ministry will be a challenge and encouragement to them.
You can learn more about the legislative interim committee assignments and meetings at the West Virginia Legislature web site.

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