Sunday, November 9, 2008

Steve Lawson, Message #2: The Distinctives of Peter's Sermon (Acts 2)

Dr. Steve Lawson's second message at our annual vision and planning meeting dealt with the distinctives of Peter's sermon in Acts 2:14-39.


I. His message was marked by boldness

  • "Standing" He took an authoritative posture
  • "Raised his voice" He was emphatic and bold
  • "Said to them" He spoke clearly, with a declarational tone and authoritative boldness, with no hesitation or apology.

II. His Message was marked as biblical
  • He read the text (vs. 16-21)
  • He explained the text (22-24)
  • He supported the text (25-28; 34-35)
  • He synthesized the text (vs. 36)
  • He applied the text (vs. 37-40)

III. His message was marked as Christ centered

  • Christ is the fulfillment of the Old Testament (vs. 15-21)
  • The life of Christ (vs. 22)
  • The death of Christ (vs. 23)
  • The resurrection of Christ(vs. 24-29)
  • The exaltation of Christ (vs. 35)
  • The final judgement of Christ (vs. 35-36)
  • The call for repentance (vs 38)

I hope posting this outline might whet your appetite to listen to the message in its entirety. If you are committed to expository ministry of the Word you will find this message tremendously encouraging. I found it a great challenge as I seek to pursue this kind of ministry in the capitol.

Listen to message #2.

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