Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Resting on That Which will Never be Shaken

As most of you know, West Virginia recently experienced something quite unusual , at least for us, - an earthquake. I was in my office in downtown Charleston and the shaking of the sturdy, two story building was disturbing. I arrived at our state capitol building shortly after and found that all the buildings on the statehouse campus had been evacuated. The earthquake, which was centered almost 300 miles away and caused minor damage throughout our nation’s capitol, made quite an impact in the WV capitol as well.

After everyone was allowed to return to the building, I met with a friend from the governors office who recounted how the main capitol building was shaken. This made me think of how quickly our lives can be shaken if they are not built upon Christ and His Word. When the capitol was evacuated, it did not matter if you where the governor, a legislator, a secretary, or a maintenance man – everyone found themselves in the same situation. This is a good reminder that everyone, including our elected leaders need to hear the gospel and submit to the truth of God’s word. Many of our leaders build their lives on shaky foundations such as careers or political achievement.

Please join me in praying that God will use circumstances, whether earthquakes or life situations to turn our leaders’ hearts to that which can never be shaken – Jesus Christ.

(This is from the transcript for a weekly spot I do on WOAY Radio (Oak Hill / Beckley) reminding folks to pray for their leaders.)

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