Thursday, October 7, 2010

Interim Bible Study: "How Can Someone in Politics Keep Their Way Pure?" (Psalm 119:9)

From next week's Bible Study at the West Virginia State Capitol:

Psalm 119:9 - "How can a young man keep his way pure? By keeping it according to Your word."

Most of us reading these notes do not fall under the description “young man”. Yet this verse is very practical for each of us in our particular life situation. There are temptations and sins that are particularly common to “young men”. Thomas Manton shared how young men need the guidance of the Bible due to “being inclined to liberty and carnal pleasures, and apt to be led aside from the right way by the motions of the flesh; being headstrong in their passions and self-willed.” Manton vividly describes how “unbroken colts need the stronger bits”.[i] There are temptations and sins that are particularly common to politics and government service. There can be a temptation to pride. In the heat of campaigns or debates it is easy to become angry and hold grudges. Extended time away from family and community can lead to the enticement of moral failure. The barrage of dinners and receptions might tempt one to drink more than they should. We can point to those who have given in to the temptation to use their position of influence for personal gain. Indeed, there are many temptations especially prevalent in life in the political realm. So I do not believe it is a stretch in the application of this verse to ask, “How can someone in politics keep their way pure?”

[i] Manton, Thomas. Sermons Upon Psalm 119. Sermon 10. (Vol. 6, pg 82)

You can read or download the complete study HERE.

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