Friday, June 4, 2010

Interim Bible Study: "A Sure and Changeless Word in a Changing World"

From this month's interim Bible study on Psalm 119:89-91, "A Sure and Changeless Word in a Changing World":

Grasping this truth of the unchanging nature of God and His Word should cause two responses in our hearts. First, as we comprehend God’s absolute holiness and perfection of moral character, we realize the holy moral standards found in Scripture based on that character never change, shift, or go out of style. This should result in a deep realization and conviction of our sinfulness before Him and a fear of the wrath under which we find ourselves because of our sinful rebellion.

Second, we rejoice as we read of the Good News of the mercy and grace of God and the promise of the redemption we can find through repentance and faith in Christ and His work as He suffered and died on the cross and rose again. This brings hope and joy as we realize we can have our sins forgiven and Christ’s goodness given to us. We find assurance of a right relationship with God because of the promises we find in His Word. As believers we find great comfort and assurance in the promises God has given us in His Word. As sure as the sun will rise in the morning we can be certain of God fulfilling His promises to save, keep, and care for us as His children.

You can download the complete study here.

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