Friday, December 18, 2009

Is It Good or Bad to Be a "Gospel Reductionist"?

Owen Strachan at the 9 Marks Blog asks the question, "Is it good or bad to be a gospel reductionist?"

From the article:

"...(Scripture) seems to suggest that Paul was himself what we might call a "gospel reductionist" (one might also look at texts like 2 Timothy 1:8-14 and consult resources like Ligon Duncan's 2008 T4G talk). That is, the entirety of his life and ministry centered in the cross. The crucifixion of the Christ formed the cornerstone of his worldview, the grid by which he interpreted, well, everything. Paul's categories of thought boiled down to this: the cross of Christ.

"Moving from Paul's day to our own, it seems that we would do well to imitate Paul in our life and thought. It would be no bad thing, therefore, to be a 'gospel reductionist'."

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