Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"How Are We to Expect the Gospel to Be Kept Alive in the World If We Do Not Hand It On to the Next Generation?"

From Spurgeon's sermon entitled "Cheer for the Worker and Hope for London":

"Next, let me ask how we to are expect the Gospel to be kept alive in the world if we do not hand it on to the next generation as the former generation handed it down to us? It is from one lip to another that the Word of God is passed with a kind of living flame which books are not likely to communicate. Oh, shall it ever be said a century from now, “The people of 1880 never thought of us of 1980? They let the Gospel go! They allowed the doctrines to be denied, one after the other, and here we are without them, to perish in the darkness! The people of the Tabernacle knew the priceless Truth of God, but they cared not to make it known and here we are in ignorance through their indifference”? Oh, let it never be so! Let not the next century have to rebuke the professors of the present one and say, “You were false to God. Your men never preached the Gospel, though they had the gift! Your women never told it out to those about you and so the light flickered and almost went out and we are now left to suffer for your negligence.”
We certainly worry about the next generation in our country. Let us make sure we are faithful in the most important task of boldly proclaiming the gospel.

Read the complete sermon.

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