Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bible Study: "Seeking God's Stimulus Package"

From this week's Bible study in the Capitol:

With the downturn in the economy many companies and individuals find themselves in desperate need of resources which they hope the federal government might provide. Local and state governments, banks, mortgage firms, auto companies and others have gone to Washington seeking help in these difficult times. Whatever one may think about the stimulus package, we understand the plight of those who are going to the only source they know who might have the resources to help.

As we have studied the Sermon on the Mount, we have found that Jesus laid out for us a standard of righteousness which we cannot attain on our own. He has described a model for living which we can never achieve by ourselves. In a sense we can say we have a debt to God which we cannot repay. However God has provided everything we need through Christ. When enduring tough times or facing difficult challenges, how comforting it is to know we have a heavenly Father who has promised to provide for the needs of His children. This is the promise we find in this week’s study.

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