Monday, February 23, 2009

Bible Study: "Loving Our Enemies in the Capitol"

From this week's capitol Bible study, "Loving Our Enemies in the Capitol":

"It may be easy at times to make enemies in politics and in the capitol. In the heat of campaigns, debates, and political maneuvering things can be said and actions can be taken which strain personal relationships. In light of this we come to what are perhaps some of Jesus’ most challenging words, "love your enemies". In our last study we saw that Jesus gave us a negative command on how His followers will respond if insulted, cheated, or done wrong. We are not to retaliate. In this last illustration we are studying today He sets the bar for true righteousness even higher. He teaches that His true followers will respond positively to their enemies who mistreat them by loving them, caring for them, and praying for them. Let’s look more closely at Jesus’ command to love our enemies."

Matthew 5:43-48

Read the complete study.

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