Friday, October 31, 2008

Bible Study: Worried About Tuesday's Election?

Paul Meinsen, our state director in Missouri presented a good Bible Study for those who might be worried about the upcoming election.
From Paul's introduction:

"People are worried about next Tuesday. Regardless of what side of the aisle someone may be on, worries and anxieties over the results of next week’s election can be seen and heard across our country. Political ads, radio & T.V. talk shows, town hall meetings and even family-table discussions are filled with despair and discouragement if, by chance, the other side wins. A number of you reading this have another concern because a loss in the election means you are out of a job and need to look for another. There is always uncertainty about the future, but it seems to be emphasized even more because of the domino effect of next week’s vote.

"Friend, the point of this study today is to inform you that there is no place in the believer’s life for worry over who wins next week. I am, in no way, advocating a “fatalistic determinism;” that is, an “I can’t do anything about it so who cares” attitude of giving up and not doing anything. I am, in no way, throwing out a flippant answer in case things do not go the way I want them to go. What I am teaching from God’s Word is that believers can truly proceed in peace and confidence regardless of what happens because of the nature of the one we call Father.”

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