Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Risk of Trivializing the Gospel

Michael Horton at the White Horse Inn is presenting a two-part round table discussion on "Christianity and Politics". One of the panelists makes these striking statements:

“The risk of trivializing the mission of the church in reducing it to just another civil society interest group is a risk we have to always keep our eyes on. The risk of the gospel being trivialized and becoming just a political plank is a horrible risk we must avoid at all costs.”

"The church, as the church, has a very specific mandate. It is to hold forth Christ as the only way that sinners can be reconciled to a holy God. When it extends beyond that biblical mandate, it has left its charter behind."

The panelists themselves are active politically, but they point out the important distinction between what we might have the freedom to do as invidual believers and what we do as the church.

Listen to part one ( with free registration).

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Mark Patton said...

Great points. Thanks for posting and thanks for your ministry at the Capital.

Pastor Mark