Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Reformation, Revival, and the Religious Right

Tom Ascol wrote a great article on how we can experience reformation and revival in America. In it he wrote:

“It is not that the agenda of the religious right is too radical. It is not radical enough. They greatly underestimate the depth of the problem. We cannot "Christianize" culture. The nature of sin guarantees that. Neither are we called to try! Did Jesus or Peter or Paul ever try to organize believers into a voting bloc to "Christianize" any geo-political structure? Culture can and will be positively influenced when its participants are made disciples of Christ.

"The moral crisis in our nation will not be solved by getting the right people in the White House, Congress, and on the Supreme Court. Society will not change until people change. And the only way that people can be changed is by the sovereign power of God through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Consequently, proclaiming that gospel in the power of the Spirit is the task to which churches must give themselves. This constitutes the only great commission which we have received from Jesus Christ.”

The article concludes:

"When reformation and revival come, they will come through the ministry of God's Word and prayer! This is God's way for His church to do His work in the world. Anything that would intrude on our commitment to these God-ordained means is a distraction and will ultimately keep us from seeking the only remedy which can cure our churches' spiritual apathy and our nation's moral decay."

While taking our part in our country's political process in the upcoming election, we must constantly keep before us our God-given priority of proclaiming the gospel and making disciples of every nation.

Read Tom Ascol's complete article.

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