Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Birthday Meeting With Governor Manchin

Back during the regular session, a close friend, C.W. Lee, wanted to come visit one of our Bible studies at the capitol. Mr. Lee is a tremendous encouragement to us, praying for us and our ministry every day. He has been faithful to the Lord both in church and in his testimony in the community. I set up a time for C.W. to come join us for one of our staff / lobbyist Bible studies.

I learned that the day he was coming to visit was his 91st birthday. On the way in to the statehouse that morning I thought how great it would be if he could meet the governor on his birthday. Through relationships with staff built over the years we have ministered in the capitol, I was able to arrange for Mr. Lee to be waiting in Governor Manchin’s reception room. As the governor was moving from one meeting to another, he took the time to stop and greet Mr. Lee and wish him a happy birthday. His staff had prepared a birthday proclamation which he presented to C.W. along with the opportunity to have their picture taken together. Mr. Lee was truly amazed Governor Manchin would take the time to meet with him.

We are thankful for the relationships God has allowed us to develop with legislators, elected officials, and staff at the capitol. We are also thankful for many, like C.W. Lee who pray for us and support us in our ministry.

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